Introduction and tasks


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Task one

How was the duke, Christian August, and the Prince of Nør, Friedrich Emil August, mentioned in selected newspapers from both Copenhagen and Schleswig? Can you see any similarities or differences? How come? If you want you can try with another key actor and try again.

Task two

How did the newspapers cover the “independence movement of Schleswig-Holstein” and the “danish movement in Southern Jutland”? Can you find similarities or differences between the newspapers and the regions? What is the reason for the similarities or differences?

Task three

Which influence did the Danish language have for the national identity in the danish border country with focus on the political struggles where the languages was used as a weapon?

Task four

How was the rhetoric of the National Liberation Movement characterized? How did they use the danish movement and the events in Southern Jutland to promote their cause about abolition of the absolute monarchy and a “Denmark to Ejderen”?

Task five

Be creative and formulate your own assignment